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Our Story

With diplomas in Marketing and Digital Marketing from the Chartered Institute [UK], and a career in the Graphic Design industry, designer Kristy Dinuzzo found her passion for the fast paced life of Advertising and design fresh out of High School. She started her design degree only to drop out in her final year as she was accepted into the world renowned AWARD school where she would study advertising with the best up and coming students.

Kristy’s artistic fire was fueled by her time working and studying in this very demanding industry, however, she decided to leave this industry to work within a small business where she could make an impact. It was here she was leading marketing campaigns, directing to the CEO and presenting in front of board members.

Kristy took a leap towards starting her own business when she had her first son and so began Hey Kiddo in Jan 2014.

Kristy’s passion for design, marketing and business fueled for desire to build her own unique brand.

Her designs which she creates and prints using eco-friendly waterbased inks her Sydney studio, help Australian parents celebrate those special kiddo moments. Kristy also stocks children clothing accessories  which are all Australian made by local makers and go perfect with her clothing collections.

 Hey Kiddo is different from the rest - modern, exclusive and personalised collections to help parents celebrate those special kiddo moments."   

 Kristy DiNuzzo Owner and Designer of Hey Kiddo.