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Unique and Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Hey Mummas, if you forgot that Father’s day is quickly approaching, we’ve got you covered. We know that it can be challenging to figure out the best way to celebrate the day, especially when you have little kiddos who are too small to really understand what is going on and your to-do-list is already ten pages long.

Regardless if it is your man’s first or sixth Father’s Day, you can use any of these unique and fun ideas to celebrate his role in the lives of your children.


Date Night

We can almost bet that since the birth of your little kiddo, date nights have been kept to a bare minimum or are even non-existent. After you have spent the day celebrating with the family and children, why not schedule some much needed time together and ask Grandma to look after the kids for the night.


Father Themed Movie Marathon

Stay at home, relax and binge for the day! This would be perfect for parents who have little ones to avoid disrupting their routines as much as possible. Throw on a couple of Father’s Day movies and munch on all of his favourite snacks in the comfort of your own home. Films like Father Of The Bride, Taken, Finding Nemo, Mrs. Doubtfire, Daddy Day Care, and hundreds more are perfect father-themed storylines that will inevitably create special memories.


Set Up A Scavenger Hunt

Wake up earlier and make a game through your house or apartment. Leave a bunch of sweet notes with a trail of clues to find the next notes finishing the hunt with a small gift and card. Reading lovely sentiments and what you treasure most about him will be a heartwarming start to the morning.

Hint: Why not add some sweetness to your Father's Day order with our personalised Hey Kiddo chocolate bars! We will hand write your message on the back of your chocolate bar. We stock cute Father’s Day cards too!


Create a Photobook

Get snap happy leading up to Fathers Day. Make an effort to get the camera out to snap pictures with dad and bubs as often as possible. But, who are we kidding? We bet your camera roll is already overflowing. Compile these photos and create a specific fathers day photo book just for him!


Get Daddy and Baby Matching Outfits

Mums, you’re already tired enough, let bub do the work for you this Father’s Day and get matching daddy and baby outfits. Celebrate those special moments with our unique, modern and exclusive baby and toddler onesies and t-shirts. Look how ridiculously cute they look?


They are available up to size 4 and printed in our Sydney studio! But be quick, last orders for Father's Day end on the 10th of August!

Breakfast in Bed and Sleep In

We saved one of the best until last. For most Father’s, getting a day where they can sleep in will be GREATLY appreciated. Let him have a luxurious sleep in and when he wakes up, make his favourite breakfast for him that you and the kids can all help put together.

A little planning and thought can go a long way in creating a unique and memorable day for the entire family and especially for the man who is the apple of your little kiddo’s eye.

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