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Practical & Easy Valentine's Day Ideas For Busy Parents

Let's face it, being a parent and trying to celebrate the day of love (aka Valentine's Day) is something that doesn't come easy! Gone are the days when popping out to a fancy restaurant and a movie only required taking 40 minutes to look my best and grabbing the keys on the way out.

If you do celebrate Valentine's Day, it's almost certain that it will be all about cute things the kids do for Mummy and Daddy, but what about some simple ideas that you can also do for your partner that doesn't require babysitters and a night out!?  

Read on my friends as I have the ultimate list for you that I have put together!


1. Love Heart Mirror NotesDon’t give up on romance even if it’s the last minute.  Here is an idea that is easy and costs almost nothing — yet it’s sure to touch the heart of the person you love.

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2. Say I love you with fruit - Seriously, who doesn't have time to write a quick message on a banana?! This one is for all the peeps who don't like to celebrate Valentine's Day, there is no excuses for this one.  Although a little "cheesy" it sure is sweet and it will bring a smile to your loved one's face.

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Valentine's Day gift ideas

 3. Get Creative With Plants - Indoor plants are all the rage at the moment! Buy one for your partner and pop in a plant stick with a cute message. When Valentine's Day is over, throw that stick away (or keep it) and it's a gift from you... to you - woohoo #winning. 

Here are some cute ideas,

I love spending thyme with you
I'm a succ-er for you
I'd rosemary you all over again
Plant one on me tonight
I'm stuck on you
Be vine

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1. Home-made cards - These ideas are a great keepsake and are super cute.

2. Cooking With Love: If you have a little one who is old enough to join in and help in the kitchen, here are some great simple suggestions. 

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3. Clothing: If craft or cooking ideas aren't your thing and you're looking for a quick and adorable way to celebrate Valentine's Day, shop our Valentine's Day collection here 

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