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The Essential Nappy Bag Checklist for New Mums

Do any other mums remember the days when they could just quickly grab their keys, phone, and wallet to duck out and grab their Monday morning coffee?

If you’re a new mum, the luxury of being able to ‘quickly duck out’ is basically non-existent when your cute bundle of joy arrives.

If you’re about to give birth or your precious kiddo has already arrived, you need to get yourself a functional and stylish nappy bag. Gone are the days of the very large Mary Poppins nappy bags. 

So from one mum to another, I have put together my nappy bag essentials for all you new mums out there!

The Nappy Bag

Now, you’re going to need to buy a nappy bag to get started. I’d recommend purchasing a good quality one that you can reuse with any future kiddos you might have. Check out some of the great bags from the The Iconic you wouldn't even know they were nappy bags! You also want to make sure that it is spacious and comfortable to carry without being too bulky. 

I would recommend buying either a backpack or one with shoulder straps that will leave your hands free to carry your kiddo or push the pram. I seriously live with a backpack on my back when out and about! They are much more functional than over the shoulder bags. I was forever needing to adjust the straps on my shoulders or pulling it on and off the pram. I never thought I would be a backpack type of gal, but there are many cute ones out there and they really make carrying things hassle free.

Obviously, depending on where you’re going and how long you’re going for, you will need to alter and/or add other essential items. However, for a typical day out to the shops, the park or a coffee shop, this list should have you and baby covered.

And without further adieu, we have our list:  

  • Wipes and nappy bags: Preferably grab yourself a travel sized wet one pack and nappy bag holder.

  • Nappies: Without stating the obvious, these are basically essential for every outing. I recommend having at least 4 nappies that live in your nappy bag at all times. I personally am a fan of the nappies from ThankYou, they are super absorbent, soft and every nappy box helps fund safe births and healthcare to empower mums and bubs in need. All the profits from ThankYou commit 100% of their profits to fund sustainable development projects that help end global poverty.

  • Changing mat: You never know when this will come in handy and it’s best to keep our precious kiddos skin clear of any gritty surfaces.

  • Bibs

  • Hat or Beanie depending on the climate: Gotta keep our kiddos sun safe!

  • Light Blanket: Babies are a lot more sensitive to the cold than adults, it’s best to have one of these on hand in case it gets a bit chilly out and about.

  • Toys: A few toys to keep baby entertained that can easily fit within the bag.

  • Tissues

  • A change of clothes: two sets of clothes for bub as accidents are likely to happy.

  • Panadol for baby and you: you never know when sickness will strike.

  • Hand Sanitiser.

Now once you’ve sorted your kiddos essentials, don’t forget about you!

Phone, house keys, car keys, wallet, lipstick, etc.

If you have any other essential nappy bag items or handy tips, I’d love to hear them!

Hey Kiddo


  • Extra hair ties and Bobby pins
    Sunscreen for both mum and bub

    Tori Whitters
  • A change of top for mum


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