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Perfectionism and Motherhood

To the perfectionist mother who thinks she is are not! You are worth more then you know.

Research says there are three ways of being a perfectionist: inflicting high standards on yourself, having unrealistic standards of those around you, and believing everyone in your life expects your perfection.

My whole life I have been a perfectionist - I was a all or nothing type, a type that never valued “just try your best”, definitely never went with the flow and only knew how to win. I had all my ducks in a row just how I like it.

My very high standards, although a burden at times served me very well before motherhood. Unfortunately though, my ingrained ways of high achieving would become like salt to a wound after becoming a mother.

Everything that I thought I was would come crashing down. I’m the person that has her shit together, I’m the person that has a plan and smashes goals, I’m the one who likes to control where I’m heading in life.

Motherhood changed all of that...

I kept my high standards going until my second son was a year old, but I couldn’t maintain my unrelenting standards. I needed to surrender to the thought that there is no room for perfectionism in motherhood and this was a challenge. There was definitely no ducks in a row and definitely no plan to follow. For once in my life I needed to “go with the flow”, which I can tell you doesn’t come easy to a perfectionist!

I needed to be ok with not trying to view my life as perfect,
be ok with not having perfect kids (they’re like unicorns, they don’t exist!)
be ok with the thought of slowing down my dreams,
Be ok with the fact that I don’t have all the answers
Be ok with letting go of control

So to all the mother’s who feel like you are failing because of the high standards you place on your shoulders, I hear you! You are not alone and you are definitely not failing. Embrace the crazy unknown journey of motherhood and hold your head proud, because we are all doing the best we can. 💓

From the heart,
Kristy - Owner and Designer
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