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Our Favourite Gender Reveal Celebration Ideas

Pink or Blue? Revealing your baby’s gender to your family and friends is an exhilarating moment for everyone.

But, it no longer means merely telling people your baby’s sex or taking a photo of a sonogram. Gender reveal parties have become incredibly popular and we are absolutely loving this new trend!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to host your own gender reveal party or you’re just curious, we have a list of our favourite ideas.


1. A Gender Reveal Cake

What is a party without a cake? You could whip this up in the kitchen yourself, or we suggest buying a cake from a baker that has blue or pink filling inside. This is a simple (but delicious) option that will surprise everyone! You could also do this with cookies and cupcakes if you prefer.


2. Gender Reveal Balloon

Fill an opaque black balloon with either pink or blue confetti. When you go to pop the balloon, the flying confetti will be a huge surprise!


3. Gender Reveal Pinata

If a little bit of mess doesn’t phase you, you could fill a pinata with blue or pink confetti, glitter and ribbons. You and your partner can take turns breaking it until the inside components are revealed.


4. Gender reveal Balloon Box

This is one of our personal favourites. Fill a big box with blue or pink helium balloons and when you open the box, the balloons will float and reveal the gender!

With all of these options, you could make or create the reveals yourself, or if you would like to be surprised, you could ask a close friend or family member to create them instead!

Alternatively, you could just take the piece of paper given to you by your doctor to either the cake or balloon shop and surprise everyone involved!

Happy Gender Reveals!

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