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Christmas Baby Gift Ideas

Christmas only comes around once a year so ditch those standard formal-style baby outfits and add a little laughter or cuteness with Unique Baby Boutique's Christmas collection!

Our Christmas collection which is all designed and printed in Sydney, ranges from beautiful personalised keepsake Santa sacks to baby onesies celebrating bub's first Christmas and a few funny ones for those totally smitten Aunties and Grandparents.

Many things make for a truly magical Christmas, however, the presence of children is always a sure fire way to get the Christmas spirit overflowing. And, the addition of a new little bundle of joy to the festive mix – well, that’s sweeter than a cherry on a fruit cake.

Children have a very important role to play at Christmas time. With 80% of the Christmas shopping list designated to the little ones, it is safe to say the majority of the Christmas spirit is inspired by the pitter patter of their little feet around the Christmas tree.

Finding the perfect gift for kids could be a task considered ‘easy’ by some, given the sheer quantity of toys erupting from the pre-Christmas department store shelves, but, finding that perfect gift – that’s a different story.

We have chosen our top 5 products from our Christmas collection for taking the gift-stress out of your Christmas shopping this year.

Christmas Personalised Santa Sacks

The Santa Sack has to be one of the best keepsake items in the stow-it-away-for-next-Christmas bundle. How perfect would a personalised Santa Sack look under the tree this year? And, the best part, it is guaranteed to see the light of all future Christmases to come. A Santa Sack full of wonderful Christmas memories.

Who needs Santa when I have my Aunty onesie

I hear often, the only thing better than being a parent, is being a grandparent or Aunty. They get the best jobs!  You get to produce all the good stuff and none of the rotten stuff – you know, that stuff we used to call discipline and punishment. We know you’ll spoil your little one’s this year – why not get the garment that proves it.

Best Christmas Gift Ever baby onesie

Approximately 300,000 babies have made their way into our Aussie world, so far this year. If your little one made the cut, bearing the 2016 stork stamp, why not get a gift that not only celebrates their very first Christmas, it will be remembered at all Christmases to come. Forget the generic department store design – choose a design that is as unique as your 2016 bundle of joy.

Santa Baby onesie

Are you the traditional type? While hand knitted jumpers bearing Rudolf and his razzle red nose epitomise Christmas in some parts of the world, the Aussie Christmas doesn’t accommodate a traditional token, such as this. The traditional snowflake found on our simple – yet chic – Christmas onesie, will go with anything … or nothing … this hot Christmas day. Or our Santa Baby onesie will add a splash of gold to any cute Christmas outfit.

Make Christmas that extra bit special with the Unique Baby Boutique 2016 Christmas Collection. You are guaranteed to find something you can’t buy in stores. Hurry the cut-off for our Christmas range is the 1st of Dec!! SHOP NOW

Happy Christmas Shopping and a very Merry Christmas to all of you.

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