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New - 100% Leather Moccs and suede boots

That’s one cool kid!

Their pictures are everywhere! Cute as can be, fashionista’s well before diaper days are over.

Little North West co-ordinated perfectly with KK, and Blue Ivy Carter literally trademarked for her infantile yet impeccable style. Now of course these infants don’t dress themselves, they are clearly not trending up kiddie fashion on their own, but they do – at the age of 1.2 – know exactly how to work it!

Let’s be honest, you’ve seen the pictures, and although one part of you says, “that’s a little OTT”, another part of you adores the coolness of their not-so-cheap closet.

Dressing toddlers is a tricky business. You want their outfits to be uber-cute, yet practical. And, although a white tee and saggy crutch jeans look tres’ chic on a Calvin Klein kidlet, in reality you know strawberry mash stains will be messing up the white bright in no time at all.

Keeping your kids stylish and practical is actually not as hard as you think... it’s all in the detail.

If you take a close look at celebrity infant pics you will see their sassy style comes from the pieces that complete the look.

A few style staples we see regularly on little North West or Blue Ivy are sunglasses and booties. Sunglasses are not only fashionable, they are in fact a health inspired accessory for your child – as are the right booties.

New - 100% Leather Moccs and suede boots. Shop here

When your little one ventures into the ‘learning to walk’ period, it is important that shoe selection reflects how perfectly new their little feet are, this means choosing the right material and design. At Unique Baby Boutique you will find all of these things and cuteness to boot.

Designed to mold naturally to your infants foot, the moccasin - available in brown or white - is durable yet soft, providing your little one with a barefoot feeling. Handmade and crafted using 100% leather, the moccasin’s stocked by UBB are made to breathe , making them suitable for all seasons. And, when it comes to style they fall into the comfy chic category, because, whether young or old, being stylish should always come down to comfort.

The moccasin, or this year’s must-have boho-esque suede tan booties, teamed with tee, jersey pants and hat, would rival any well dressed adult at Sunday bunch. Keep your little trendsetters sassy yet soothed, dress them in items that are designed with care and focus on comfort.

Unique Baby Boutique.

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